Pure Water

WHAT IS PURE WATER?  Water that has been physically processed to remove the minerals that would otherwise lead to limescale spots and streaks.  WHY USE PURE WATER?  In traditional window cleaning the glass is soaped up with a cleaning liquid which is then wiped away using and squeegee or cloth to reveal the clean dry glass.  Corners and edges of the frame may need extra attention (detailing) which takes time and effort especially when cleaning at height.  Pure water cleaning offers superior results without the need for soaps or chemicals.  Glass, frames and other surfaces are left spot and streak free.  HOW DOES PURE WATER CLEANING WORK?  The filtration unit is connected directly to  your mains water supply.  The tap water passes through the filter and is fed through the hose to a brush attached to an extension pole.  The brush provides a gentle scrubbing action while the pure water cleans and rinses the surfaces.  Once cleaned, the glass dries naturally to a perfect high shine finish.  Frames and other surfaces are left spot and streak free.

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