Ladder Mitts - Surface Protectors


The original, and best,  Ladder Mitts

Ladder Mitts are a simple idea that will increase safety and protect your customer's property.

Ladder Mitts are strong Urethane foam covers, which fit on to your ladder to protect the surface against which the ladder is set.

Their soft construction eliminates the risk of damage from chipping, scratching and bending, while at the same time reducing the risk of side movement particularly on shiny surfaces.

Ladder Mitts, the original & the best!

Now back in stock!!

Multibuy2 Pairs for £35.00

Size: 16 x 12cms

Weight: 365gms

Product Size Code Ex VAT Quantity
Ladder MittsPair2407£19.50
Ladder Mitts2 Pairs2446£35.00
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