Rojak Ladder Stopper - Safety Base



The Rojak ladder stopper - spread the load and increase the grip and stay safe.

A portable aluminium and vulcanized rubber ladder base which will provide exceptional grip on most surfaces. Use a Stopper on flat roofs and garden areas where the ladder could cause damage.

The Rojak Stopper can also save labour costs by eliminating the need for a second person to 'foot' the ladder.

Suitable for ladders with a base width of up to 40cm and 56cm.




MultibuyOn packs of 5

Size: 45 x 22cm (18" x 8.5") 

Weight: 2.4Kg


Size: 60 x 22cm (24" x 8.5")  

Weight: 3.4Kg

Product Size Code Ex VAT Quantity
Rojak Ladder Stopper 45cmEach2404£39.50
Rojak Ladder Stopper 45cmPack of 52430£180.00
Rojak Ladder Stopper 60cmEach2405£57.50
Rojak Ladder Stopper 60cmPack of 52431£262.50
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