SafeClamp - Ladder Clamps


A new design for the safe transporting of ladders on roof racks or roof bars.

Manufactured from tough composite plastic and using a stainless steel hook, the SafeClamp will provide years of fast dependable, corrosion free service.

The unique but simple locking handle ensures swift clamping (5 times faster than conventional ladder clamps).

The lockable SafeClamp is supplied with 2 locking keys (no need for separate padlocks).

NOTE: The Safeclamp is designed for carrying one ladder - either a single, double or treble section ladder. It is not suitable for stacked ladders.


Multibuy2 pairs of Clamps £88.88

Size: 39cm (15.5") Wide

Weight: 1.2kg (Each Clamp)

Product Size Code Ex VAT Quantity
SafeClamp Per Pair2436£49.95
SafeClampper 2 Pairs2447£88.88
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