Triumph Stainless Steel 15cm Pkt 25


A double sided 15cm (6") stainless steel blade. Ideal for intermittent use or when scraping in wet conditions as the blades are less prone to rusting.

Supplied in a convenient plastic dispenser of 25 blades, used blades can be safely stored in the rear of the dispenser.


Carbon Steel blades provide the ultimate performance, they have an edge that is unmatched by Stainless SteelCarbon steel blades are preferred for heavier usage as they are slightly stronger, however they are prone to rusting if left wet for any period of time. 

Stainless Steel blades are more flexible and provide an excellent edge while not matching Carbon Steel.  Stainless Steel blades are slow to rust, important if your scraper is not being used on a regular basis.

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Stainless Steel Blades - Pack 2515cm (6")1924£12.75
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