Bucket Holder

Generally known as 'Bucket on Belt' or 'Hip Buckets' these holders will allow you to keep your tools safe and have both hands free. A must for safe ladder work. Models available with a belt loop or quick release belt clip

  • Ettore Sidekick Tool Holder

    Ettore Sidekick Tool Holder

    The Ettore Sidekick will hold both a squeegee and a strip washer. Designed for both left and right hand use the Sidekick is fitted with a quick release belt-clip for easy and quick removal from you...

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  • Ettore Belt Kit

    Ettore Belt Kit

    Kit yourself out with Ettore.Our exclusive offer comprises Ettore wide belt with leather loop, heavy duty double pouch with scraper pocket and a black Sidekick squeegee & applicator holder.

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  • Ettore Sidekick Tool Holder - Yellow

    Ettore Sidekick Tool Holder - Yellow

    Exclusive to the Windowclean Centre this Yellow Sidekick tool holder will accept both a standard squeegee and strip washer (applicator) This Sidekick is fitted with a fixed belt loop. Su...

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  • Moerman Tool Holder

    Moerman Tool Holder

    From Moerman, this three compartment tool holder is designed to hold two squeegees and a strip washer/applicator.  The Moerman Tool Holder Includes a unique belt clip which incorpora...

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  • Pulex Tubex Tool Holder

    Pulex Tubex Tool Holder

    The Pulex Tubex is designed for both left and right hand use. It will hold up to three squeegees and a strip washer. The Tubex is available with either a fixed belt loop or quick release clip for e...

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  • Unger Bucket on a Belt - Classic

    Unger Bucket on a Belt - Classic

    Unger's original Bucket on a Belt tool holder. The Classic BOB will hold a single squeegee, strip washer and a retractable metal scraper The Classic BOB is fitted with a quick-release belt-clip to ...

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  • Unger Ninja Bucket on Belt Tool Holder

    Unger Ninja Bucket on Belt Tool Holder

    The Unger Ninja Bucket on Belt is designed to hold all your important tools and allow you to keep both hands free. The main compartment holds the strip washer (applicator) and two squeegees. T...

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