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  • Bluewater Bucket and Lid  20Ltr

    Bluewater Bucket and Lid 20Ltr

    THE BEST BUCKET ON THE MARKET!This large oblong bucket has a strong snap-on lid sealed with a rubber gasket for a water-tight fit.The Bluewater 20 litre bucket will accommodate a 45cm (18")&nb...

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  • Bluewater Demi Bucket and Lid 10 Ltr

    Bluewater Demi Bucket and Lid 10 Ltr

    This is a smaller version of the 20lt Bluewater bucket but with all the features including the gasket sealed lid.The Demi bucket is ideal for a 45cm (18") strip washer but easier to carry.Colour: ...

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  • Bluewater Sieve

    Bluewater Sieve

    A snap-on plastic support sieve, although designed for the Bluewater Buckets will also fit the Pulex and Ettore Super Buckets. The sieve will hold any squeegee or applicator up to 45cm.Please ...

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  • Ettore Compact Bucket

    Ettore Compact Bucket

    As last a compact bucket with a lid!  This Ettore 10 litre bucket comes complete with a clip-on, splash resistant lid. This Ettore Compact bucket will accommodate a 35cm (14") strip washe...

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  • Ettore Super Bucket

    Ettore Super Bucket

    A large 25 Litre rectangular bucket from Ettore which will easily accommodate a 45cm (18") applicator/strip washer. A snap-on lid is available as an optional extra. 

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  • Pulex Bucket 25Ltr

    Pulex Bucket 25Ltr

    This excellent value 25 litre oblong bucket will accommodate an 45cm (18") applicator/strip washer, and is available in colours Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.Colour matched snap-on lids wil...

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  • Pulex Squeegee and Washer Hangers

    Pulex Squeegee and Washer Hangers

    A pair of  squeegee/washer hangers designed to fit the Pulex, Bluewater and Ettore Super Buckets.Please Note: Bucket lids cannot be fitted when the squeegee hangers are in place.

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  • Standard Bucket 15Ltr

    Standard Bucket 15Ltr

    Our most popular bucket - this oblong bucket will easily accommodate a 35cm (14") strip washer and is available in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. 

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  • Unger Bucket Oblong 18Ltr

    Unger Bucket Oblong 18Ltr

    Unger's 18 litre oblong bucket, will accept a 35cm (14") strip washer, and is fitted with wire and plastic handle. This bucket is supplied complete with a clip-on applicator/washer h...

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  • Unger Oblong Bucket 28 Litre

    Unger Oblong Bucket 28 Litre

    The largest bucket in our range, this Unger 28ltr bucket will comfortably hold a 45cm (18") applicator. The bucket has a solid plastic handle and pouring lips which double up as applicato...

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  • SPC Leif Cart

    SPC Leif Cart

    NEWDesigned for commercial window cleaning and ideal for use in large shopping centres, car showrooms, terminal buildings etc. No more carrying buckets - save your back from heavy lifting.  The lar...

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