Pole Accessories

Pole accessories

  • End Cones for Extension Poles

    End Cones for Extension Poles

    Replacement end cones for all our traditional extension poles.a) Unger - ErgoTec locking coneb) Unger - Standard cone (non locking)c) Ettore - Locking coned) Ettore - Standard cone (non locking)e) ...

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  • Collars and Clamps for Extension Poles

    Collars and Clamps for Extension Poles

    A range of replacement locking collars, clamps and threads to keep your pole in top condition.a) Unger Teleplus 25mm Collar (outer)b) Unger Teleplus 25mm Clamp (inner)...

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  • Unger OptiLoc Grip

    Unger OptiLoc Grip

    Replacement Grip for Unger's OptiLoc Extension poles.a) 25mm (2 x part poles)b) 29mm (3 x part poles)

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  • Unger Teleplus Grip

    Unger Teleplus Grip

    Replacement plugs and grip for Unger's Teleplus range of extension poles a) 37mmb) 33mmc) 29mmd) 25mm

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  • Angled Adaptors for Extension Poles

    Angled Adaptors for Extension Poles

    Use an angle adaptor for extended reach over window sills and transoms.  An angle adaptor will also allow you to set your squeegee at the perfect angle when cleaning sloping glass. Note: Choose an ...

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  • Pulex Fixi Clamp for Extension Poles

    Pulex Fixi Clamp for Extension Poles

    Easily fitted to an extension pole the Pulex Fixi Clamp has spring loaded jaws and will grip cleaning accessories such as, sponge, chamois leather or microfibre cloths. A scrubbing brush ...

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  • Unger Fixi Clamp for Extension Poles

    Unger Fixi Clamp for Extension Poles

    The clamping jaws of the Unger Fixi Clamp will grip a range of cleaning accessories including sponge, scrim, and chamois leather to allow you to carry out a variety of cleaning tasks. For...

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  • Brush for Fixi Clamp

    Brush for Fixi Clamp

    Designed to fit on to the Unger Fixi Clamp, this Stiff Scrubbing Brush is ideal for heavy duty cleaning tasks.

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  • Scrunge Sponge

    Scrunge Sponge

    A large synthetic sponge with a glass friendly, non-scratching backing pad. Ideal for more heavily soiled surfaces. 

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  • Synthetic Sponge

    Synthetic Sponge

    A large general purpose synthetic sponge. Use by hand or fit into a Fixi Clamp. 

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  • Swivel Pad Holder

    Swivel Pad Holder

    With its universal joint this Swivel Pad Holder will allow you to clean any flat or sloping surface.The Swivel Pad Holder has a strong Velcro fixing to allow fitting of cleaning/polishing pads, we ...

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  • Pad Holder - Hand Held

    Pad Holder - Hand Held

    With a strong Velcro backing this Hand Pad Holder will securely hold an abrasive pad and is ideal for many general cleaning tasks.  Use with a white nylon pad and any of our lim...

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  • Unger Swivel Pad Holder

    Unger Swivel Pad Holder

    This Unger Swivel Pad Holder is fitted with a universal joint which allows total flexibility when carrying out cleaning tasks. Fix this Pad Holder to an extension pole for access to high reach area...

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  • Unger Hand Pad Holder

    Unger Hand Pad Holder

    Ideal for those heavy cleaning tasks, this alloy backed hand pad holder has Velcro fixing to accept nylon scrubbing pads.

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  • Non Abrasive White Nylon Pads

    Non Abrasive White Nylon Pads

    A non-scratching white nylon pad for use with the Swivel Pad and Hand Pad Holders. Ideal for use in light cleaning and for removing limescale and other water staining with any of our water spot rem...

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  • Black HD Abrasive Pads

    Black HD Abrasive Pads

    A very abrasive black nylon pad for heavy duty cleaning. For use with either Swivel or Hand Pad Holders.  (Note: Do not use on glass and other delicate surfaces)   

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  • Unger Bulb Changer

    Unger Bulb Changer

    The Unger Bulb Changer.  The ideal tool for changing round light bulbs in high access areas without the need for ladders, steps or cherry pickersFits both Unger OptiLoc and TelePlus poles.

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  • Unger Flood Sucker

    Unger Flood Sucker

    The Unger Flood Sucker. The tool for changing flat faced light bulbs at height, or difficult to reach areas without the need for ladders, steps or cherry pickers.The Unger Flood Sucker fits both&nb...

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  • Unger Thread Adaptor

    Unger Thread Adaptor

     An aluminium thread adaptor to fit the Unger OptiLoc and TelePlus range of poles.  This Thread Adaptor will allow the fitting of the Unger Swivel Pad Holder (code 1674)

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