Washer Sleeves

Washer sleeves

  • Bluewater Microfibre Sleeve

    Bluewater Microfibre Sleeve

    A thick pile microfibre sleeve with improved scrubbing action and water retention. The Bluewater sleeves feature an abrasive end pad for the removal of stubbon soilage and have velcro fas...

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  • Ettore Golden Glove Sleeve

    Ettore Golden Glove Sleeve

    Ettore's most popular sleeve. Now featuring microfibre for super water holding and double stitched seams for longer life. The abrasive end pad will tackle the stubbon soilage. Velcro fasten...

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  • Ettore Microfibre Sleeve

    Ettore Microfibre Sleeve

    Ettore's Microfibre Sleeve has a dense pile to provide maximum scrubbing power. The seams are double stitched for long lasting performance and a white abrasive end pad deals with the stubborn soila...

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  • Ettore Porcupine Sleeve

    Ettore Porcupine Sleeve

    A unique design. The double action Ettore Porcupine sleeve is interwoven with thousands of short, glass friendly nylon scrubbing bristles which provide the scrubbing action to cut through heavy gri...

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  • Moerman Microfibre Sleeve

    Moerman Microfibre Sleeve

    Featuring a super thick pile the Moerman microfiber sleeve has excellent cleaning action and super water holding. An abrasive end pad will tackle stubborn soilage. These Moerman sleeves have Velcro...

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  • PowerPro Washer Sleeve

    PowerPro Washer Sleeve

    A new thick pile scrubbing, washer sleeve with extras!  The PowerPro contains hundreds of fine monofilament scrubbing fibres that give improved cleaning, ideal for heavily soiled glass where e...

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  • Pulex Standard Sleeve

    Pulex Standard Sleeve

    With a thick compact pile, super absorption and durability the Pulex Standard offers excellent value for money. This sleeve has snap fastening. Available in sizes, 15, 25, 35, and 45cms. (6" 10" 1...

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  • Pulex Microfibre Sleeve

    Pulex Microfibre Sleeve

    The Pulex Microfibre Sleeve has excellent water holding, allowing you to clean larger areas before re-soaking.  The millions of microfibers provide powerful cleaning action. This sleeve h...

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  • Pulex MicroTiger Sleeve

    Pulex MicroTiger Sleeve

    A double action sleeve, the Pulex MicroTiger combines soft abrasive stripes with the microfibre fabric to provide increased scrubbing action and excellent water retention. Ideal for those...

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  • Pulex HD Sleeve

    Pulex HD Sleeve

    The Pulex HD sleeve has a soft white pile on the front face and an abrasive pad along the back. Ideal for the removal of heavy soiling e.g. roof glass.  The Pulex HD&n...

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  • SPC Yellow Sleeve

    SPC Yellow Sleeve

    From SPC (Sorbo) a top quality sleeve for the longer T Bars.  With reinforced seams and scrubbing pads on both ends the SPC is designed for durable service. These SPC sleeves have&nb...

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  • Toplock Washer Sleeve

    Toplock Washer Sleeve

    Toplock's rough weave fabric gives the washer sleeve excellent scrubbing action along with maximum water holding.  The Toplock has snap fastening.Available in sizes  25cm, 35cm and 45cm (10", 14" ...

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  • Unger Original Sleeve

    Unger Original Sleeve

    Unger's Original washer sleeve, has a thick blended white pile giving good cleaning power. Velcro fastening. Available in sizes 20, 35, 45, and 55cms (10" 14" 18" and 22")

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  • Unger Monsoon Sleeve

    Unger Monsoon Sleeve

    Our best selling washer sleeve. The thick blended pile of the Unger Monsoon sleeve provides excellent cleaning power while the abrasive end pad will tackle stubborn soiling.  The Monsoon is availab...

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  • Unger Microstrip Sleeve

    Unger Microstrip Sleeve

    Unger's microfiber Microstrip sleeve has millions of minute fibres to provide high water retention and excellent cleaning power.  Fitted with an abrasive end pad for the removal...

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  • Unger Ninja Washer Sleeve

    Unger Ninja Washer Sleeve

    The Unger Ninja is a blended microfibre washer sleeve for maximum water holding. Combining mildly abrasive (white) scrubbing stripes within the microfibre fabric provides the ultimate cleaning...

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  • Unger Pad Sleeve

    Unger Pad Sleeve

    With a thick blended fabric pile on one side and an abrasive nylon pad along the other, the Unger Pad Sleeve can tackle the toughest tasks - ideal for roof glass. Velcro fastening. N...

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